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Sessions in Los Angeles

05.04.2017 bis 17.04.2017

Private Sessions

We are going to uncover and examine experiences, belief systems, and thought patterns that inhibit you from living the life you wish to live.
Common topic are


  • How to manage and reduce stress

  • Develop and nurture self-confidence

  • Letting go of unwanted behavioral pattern

  • letting go and resolving blocks

  • Finding a new perspective for the future

  • Quit smoking

Become a Fogo SAGRADO therapist —

the inutile coaching method from Brazil

Fogo Sagrado is a modern coaching and therapy method from Brazil.

It enables direct communication with the subconsciousness, allows us to explore the needs/desires of the soul, and enables us to remove blocks in oder to create success and fulfillment. 


You're going to learn to listen to your intuition, understand and trust it.

The education is structured in modules (practitioner, advanced, master).

It is your choice how deep you want to dive in. You can use Fogo sagrado in your private life, business or become a Fogo Sagrado coach.

What you are going to learn:


  • How to read people and understand their motives. You can use this in regards to your partner, family, friends, co-workers/colleagues, or clients.

  • Understanding of life circumstances in regards to your private and professional life. Once you develop awareness you can easier initiate desired change.

  • Getting in touch with yourself, developing self-awareness, and allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition.

  • How to channel your intuition in order to consciously tune in or out of it as well as shielding yourself from foreign energies and influences.


Claudia Gold - Gesundheitsprävention​

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